Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between you and the coach to work together to help you create change in your life. This change can be to achieve specific goals, grow in certain areas of your life, or increase capacity.

Can you create these changes without a coach? You definitely can!

Will you be as focused, make consistent progress, and achieve it as fast and effectively without a coach? Probably not...

The reason top athletes appoint coaches are not because they are ignorant, or incapable of performing on their own; they appoint a coach to help them focus, train and create more consistent progress in faster time.

The same applies to your life: Relationships, career planning and every other area you want to improve.

The information is out there. You can find it, and use it on your own. But lets be honest; even the latest & greatest information rarely helps us bring the change and growth we want. This is where coaching can help you start and sustain progress.

Why do coaches get clients to start and sustain progress ?

  • Coaches have a unbiased outside perspective that can help you see from a different perspective.

  • Coaches are trained to help people develop.

  • Bottom line: The goal of the coach is to get the client to succeed.

Are you ready for Coaching ?

You are the captain of your own ship. Master of your destiny. Like the athlete you stay responsible for your own training and success. You compete and get the medal when you win, not the coach.

When are you coaching ready?

  • When YOU want the change or growth. We unconsciously avoid and resist things we "have to" do, and run towards things we "want to" do. Firstly you need to determine if you really want to grow & change.

  • When you are open to honest feedback, and willing to do intentional self reflection.

  • When you are ready to commit and take the necessary action to make it happen. It does not need to be large leaps at a time. Consistency is the key.

What are the options?

When deciding to embark on a coaching journey with me, you have the following options:

1.) Open Reflective Coaching

The first session is guided by skilled questioning from the coach and then reflection form the client. This environment of questioning and reflection leads to discoveries, and the setting of priorities and goals. The rest of the coaching process is defined based on the client's individual needs and outcomes. A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended for this approach.

2.) Assessment, followed by coaching

There are quality assessments available that will give you valuable insight. Each assessment is specialized to help you discover specific elements of how you think and act. You can do the assessment with the feedback, and then follow up with coaching to help integrate the discoveries in your life. Information on a report does not bring change, application does. Coaching will help you put information into action. The assessments are great starting points for a coaching journey, but can also be done on it own, or added to a current coaching process.

3.) Workshop

A workshop is a single event interaction focused on a specific topic / theme. Workshops will focus not only on theoretical information, but also on practical application. At the end of the workshop you should have both theory, and practical application options to use the knowledge you have learned. Any workshop can be supplemented with follow-up individual or group coaching sessions.

Coaching Sessions


Open Reflective Coaching

A coaching session that allows you to explore thought patterns, behavior, and desires in a reflective environment. This environment is facilitated by the coach's questioning, and your reflection. The focus of the session is to define goals, strategies and action steps to help you create the change / growth you desire. A process of 6 sessions are recommended.

The Coaching Themes and Outcomes are defined by the Client.

1 hour session (online, or in person)

Price: R450 per session

2 hour session (online, or in person)

Price: R800 per session


Couples Coaching

A coaching session that allows you to explore the dynamics of the relationship together. Define the areas of growth, and craft the best approach to take the relationship to the next level. (Recommended that the first Couple Coaching session be a 2 hour session. Following sessions can be either 1 or 2 hour session depending on the couples preference)

Possible themes to discuss in the sessions:

  • Communication

  • Conflict handling

  • Decision making

  • Emotional understanding

  • Taking the next step...

2 hour session (online, or in person)

Price: R800 per session (per couple)

1 hour session (online, or in person)

Price: R450 per session.



Tall Trees Leadership Profile

Personality / Temperament assessment. Discover your approach to work, relationships, communication, life and leadership.


  • Online assessment & full report (PDF)

  • Feedback session to interpret report (60 min online, or in person)

Price: R550

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Behavior pattern assessment that will help you to discover your habit patterns. How can you use your patterns to increase your your effectiveness.


  • Online worksheet (assessment) & full report

  • Feedback session to interpret report

Price: R760


Tall Trees Couples Package

Complete a Tall Trees profile to discover both your partner and your own temperament with the "Know & Grow Your Favorite Tree" package.


  • x2 Online assessments & full reports (PDF)

  • 2 hour feedback session with facilitator (online, or in person)

PRICE: R1000 per couple

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Tall Trees Parenting Profile

Discover your style as Parent, and learn how to use your unique style to best grow your young ones (whether kids, or teens).


  • Online assessment & full report (PDF)

  • Feedback session to interpret report (1hour online, or in person - 2 hour for both parents)

Price: R550 (R1000 when both parents complete report)

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Tall Trees Kids Profile

Discover your child's temperament. Understand why they behave the way they do, and how you can create the space for them to grow.


  • Online Assessment & Report

  • Feedback Session to interpret the report (1 hour online, or in person)

Price: R370

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Tall Trees Leadership Profile - For Teens

Help teens discover their own unique style. What makes me different, and why is that good thing. How can I use my temperament to grow my leadership capacity?


  • Online Assessment & Report (PDF)

  • Feedback Session to understand an use the report

Price: R500

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Harmony@Home (Tall Trees Family Package)

This package will help every member of the family understand themselves, and each other better. Appreciation of each other's differences and contributions will help create a new level of harmony in your family forest.


  • x2 Parenting Profiles (Online Assessments & Report)

  • x2 Kids / Teen Profiles (Online Assessments & Reports)

  • Family Session (3 hours)

Price: R2500 (Package can be adjusted to fit family Structure)

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Tall Trees Leadership Workshop

Discover the different Tall Trees types, and how each one work and think. Learn how to understand and communicate with the different types. Interact with other types and gain appreciation for the value of each type.


  • Online assessment & full report (PDF)

  • 3 hour workshop

Price: R600 (per person)


More Workshops coming soon...

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