Career Coaching

A career is not a destination or job appointment, but a journey!

A successful and fulfilling career does not need to be an idealistic dream for a select few but can be a reality for every individual. Understanding your neurology will help you find, or optimise, your career by addressing challenges, and embracing opportunities more consistently.

"If success doesn't knock, build a door"

- Milton Berle

Career Coaching is for you when...

  • You want to take the next step in your current career path.

  • You have been recently promoted and want to ensure success in your new role.

  • You are considering a career change.

  • You are frustrated and disengaged in your current work.

  • Recently lost your job and need to build set yourself up for a new career.

  • You are standing at the beginning of your career, or want to identify your optimal career. (School leavers and students).

  • You are content in your work, but do not have a plan for your career in the rapidly changing market place.

How does the coaching work?

In the first session, we discuss your specific situation and goals. Then define the best coaching action process from a neurological coaching perspective . The to help you make the desired progress. Through Questioning, Reflection and Discussion you and your coach will explore your current reality, and the growth you want to see (desired reality). The coach will empower you with information, thinking space, tools, and support you need to enable sustainable progress.

More about the Coaching Process

The Coaching Approach

The Career Coaching process is built on the Shadowmatch Career Report. Shadowmatch is an intelligent assessment that maps your neurological framework and applies the results to an individualised Career Report to optimise your long term career development. We build a customised coaching process to best support your needs and goals in for your career.

How long does the coaching take?

Following the Shadowmatch Career Report and Feedback session, the coaching process is tailored to best serve you in making progress to reach the intended goal. The recommendation is to sign up for 6 standard sessions (45-60min) over 90 days. This is flexible and adjusted to your spesific need and outcome.

Coaching Investment

  • Shadowmatch Career Report (Assessment with personal report) R550

  • Standard sessions (45-60min) R450 per session.

Ready to take your Career to the next level?

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