Relationship Coaching

Healthy Relationships to enrich your life.

Our lives are expressed in the context of relationships. Whether that be friendships, professional relationships, family or our significant other. These relationships to a largely determine how happy and fulfilled our lives are.

Relationship Coaching helps you look at your relationships closely, and identify the most effective way to grow, expand or restore your relationships.

"We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”

- Brene Brown

Who will benefit from Relationship Coaching?

  • Individual who want to grow specific relationships to a healthy place.

  • Couples wanting to take the next step in their relationship (Engagement, Marriage, ...)

  • Couples starting a family wanting to strengthen the relationship and create a healthy environment for family relationships

  • Parent wanting to create a healthier family dynamic.

  • Individuals or couples that have experienced pain or strain in a relationship, and wanting to restore and strengthen the relationship.

  • Individuals that struggle after a failed relationship.

How will relationship coaching work?

Relationship dynamics are complex, but all relationships are built on the same fundamental principles. The coaching will start with creating clarity on the current relationship dynamic, and then define what the most appropriate coaching approach will be. In conversation with your coach coaching options, and possible insightful assessments can be utilized to bring fresh perspective and understanding.

More about the Coaching Process

The Coaching Approach

The Career Coaching process is built on the need and outcomes of the client. When relevant and useful one or more assessments my be incorporated into the coaching process.

How long does the coaching take?

Following the Shadowmatch Career Report and Feedback session, the coaching process is tailored to best serve you in making progress to reach the intended goal. The recommendation is to sign up for 6 standard sessions (45-60min) over 90 days. This is flexible and adjusted to your spesific need and outcome.

Coaching Investment

  • Assessment to be discussed with client(s) when applicable.

  • Standard sessions (45-60min) R450 per session.

  • Long sessions (100-120min) upon client request R800 per session.

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