About your Coach

Hi, I'm Johan Volschenk

I find my excitement and fulfilment in helping people make discoveries, and then assisting them to practically apply it in their lives in meaningful ways.

I started my career within the Christian full-time ministry environment. Facilitating and organising training process within the church.

After my time at the church, my focus moved to the world of project management. Firstly in the construction industry. Learning the ins and outs on ground level. Managing teams and processes while learning how to get the job done within the harsh conditions of the industry. From there I moved to an engineering firm while completing my formal project management training. This time in the role of production team leader. Having the opportunity to be involved in the whole process of design to production (with all the challenges in between), and finally delivery to the customer. Learning much about quality, and efficiency, I realized that primarily process management and monitoring does not bring me much fulfillment. What I want is to do is work with people over process. I only want to facilitate the design and evolution of the process. Process that give people the optimal environment to be their best. It's this discovery that has led me to start exploring the world of coaching.

After my training in coaching I was asked to join a software startup to facilitate the development team. This time with the mandate to help build, coach and maintain an environment to not only improve production, but to create an environment of growth for people. This is where I started seeing how I can bring value to people and business.

I now spend my energy full time working with individuals, families, teams and organisations to intentionally define better realities and then help them make progress.

Additional to personal life coaching I am part of a consulting team assisting organisations with human capital strategies.

Training Background

  • Wellness and Performance Coaching (Shadowmatch) - Personal Growth and Performance based on neurological behaviour patterns.

  • Neuro Coaching (NeuroCoach Institute) - Multiple Brain Integration Techniques for effective decision making.

  • Business Coaching (Global Institute of Organisational Coaching) - Personal & Professional development. Creating and sustaining change in a professional context.

  • School of Divinity (Doxa Deo, CCI Ministry) - Leadership, Mentoring, Theology, Community Transformation.

  • Project Management (University of Pretoria) - Project Planning & Execution

Accreditation & Membership